We have chosen the systems listed below to cater for both metal of ceramic options as well as budget constraints:

Zirconia implants, metal-free implants

1.  Swiss Dental Solutions - Our preferred system

2.  Cera Root Implants - Versatile Spanish system

3.  Straumann Pure White Implants - Cylindrical system from Sweden

4.  Sky White Implants - Cylindrical system from Germany

Straumman Dental implants: Zirconia and titanium alloy, pure 100% titanium or 100% Zirconia

Ankylos (Dentsply), pure 100% titanium

Adin implants, pure 100% titanium


We will require a MELISA test to determine any possible bio-incompatibility with Ti or Zr. Dr Rojas can also do kinesiology testing.

Every day we remove more and more implants from patients who were never tested and now are immuno-compromised.