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  • Dear Dr Rojas
    Thank you very much for the dental work done on J. T. and L.
    J. had NO neural pain after her amalgams were removed and no longer needs her pain medication that she was relying on daily.
    L. has noted an improvement in her health after her cavitation surgery etc.
    Dr Ivan was very pleased with our progress after having the dental work done.
    Thank you for being such a blessing to us!
    Warm regards
    W. T. (mother), L. & J.
  • Dear Orlando, I hope all is well! My name is Sam and I am the son of R. and C. A few years ago in Pretoria you enhanced my teeth and I still enjoy them today. I have gotten many compliments from other people and from dentists for the work you have done. Most of the dentists here in the United States where I live appear not to be familiar with the technique for veneers that you use. I am emailing you to ask for a recommendation of a friendly dentist you may know here in Manhattan New York who is well versed in the same techniques you use. I was always hoping to come back to you in South Africa but so far I have not made it back. I would very much appreciate your help. Thanks again and take good care! (SS)      
  • Thank you for taking care of me.....I have the best dentist EVER! It's so nice to be around you... its the calmness and aura you have that makes you so unique. You have a beautiful soul. You (are a) special person. You will definately go to a higher heaven! Xx. See you soon. (DB)
  • I know it is too early to tell but a week after you removed my root canal treated tooth I was able to run with my dog, for years I could only walk with him... (Amb. RH) (Now years later, he still runs when he wants)
  • Dear Orlando,
    How are you keeping? Words cannot describe the boundless thanks I have for you, you have surely changed my life.
    ​​I cannot even begin to explain the journey I have been on since our initial meeting. 
    You have changed this life experience for me. Thank you for your teachings and love.(TP)
  • I will be in Johannesburg for a wedding this weekend, and at your practice on Friday.
    I know you are not available, but luckily I have managed an appointment at the practice nonetheless.
    I am looking forward to being in your presence.
    Light, gratitude & so much love. (TP)
  • Thank God for health care practitioners like you. Now I would like to find a (medical) doctor who has the same approach. I have had no pain at all and only a slight swelling in the site of the actual stitches... Just to let you know the right side of neck slightly improved and my right leg which always felt twisted is feeling quite normal (JJ)


Thank you my Beloved Almighty, You are the Doer, You are the Maker! for myself I do nothing, keep on using me, every moment of every moment of my life, that only my Love that comes from You remains in action!  your servant, Orlando.