CEREC Porcelain Crowns, Veneers, Overlays and Inlays commenced and completed at THE HOME OF BIOLOGICAL  DENTISTRY are guaranteed to be replaced, if they cannot be repaired, for a period of two years for no fees or charges, Just come back to us!

Any porcelain work done by our Master Technician will be guaranteed for 1 year, NO charge from our side BUT Laboratory fees will apply.

The following conditions are required:

1. That the patient attends a minimum of two examinations with one of our dentists in that period of time and comes for scaling and polishing each year following completion of treatment, and has followed the recommended preventative dental treatments and maintenance program.

2. That a bite splint is worn at night in cases where we detect a history of grinding and/or clenching. Breakings due to sports (e.g. weigth lifting, contact sports) are not guaranteed. 

3. That there is no outstanding balance on the account.

4. That the crown, veneer or bridge has not been damaged by trauma, neglect such as new decay, misuse, abuse, accidents or additional dental treatment done elsewhere.

5. That the restoration provided is permanent and deemed by THE HOME OF BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY to be the most appropriate method of dental treatment.

6. It is unlikely your tooth will need a root canal treatment but the nerve in your tooth is unpredictable. Should the pain on the tooth be such that it requires a root canal treatment, we will refer you elsewhere for such treatment, you pay for it, and we will crown your tooth free of charge after the root canal treatment is stable. This means root canal treatments will not be our responsibility. As you know we do not endorse root canal treatments.  The tooth should be extracted. Teeth that are dead or dying should rather be extracted to prevent any deterioration of your general health. Click the following link for additional information with regards to toxicity of root canal treatments: http://www.southafricadentist.com/your-http://www.southafricadentist.com/your-health/toxicity-from-rct/health/toxicity-from-rct/

If your dental treatment requires replacement or repair and a different more expensive dental material or technique is deemed to be necessary by the dentist or dental laboratory, then only the difference is payable. Regrettably, we will not be held liable for the inconvinience that any treatment failure migth cause you.