Cheap Vs. Good

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From the seminar "working with the Law" (of life) based on the Book:

Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell.


"There are three steps here that Holliwell says are really essential in how we hold our mind in such a way, how we hold our thinking, that actually gives us access to the frequency that is most in harmony with the Law of Compensation.

 So, first of all, search for—are there any places in us where we're expecting something for nothing?

Expecting something for nothing is complete disharmony with the Law, because everything works by law and order. So if we're seeking to be the one who never pays the bill when we're out with friends, if we're seeking to kind of hold back and let someone else pay for the movie, if we're seeking to not pay our share, not be a participant in the full aliveness, which means our part of experiencing the goodness, we want to pay for that, we want to participate in earning and having and giving...

... Do not expect something for nothing.

Secondly, if we are a person who is always hunting for things that we call “cheap”, to be just I want to buy the cheapest thing, I want to get by with the cheapest amount, there's an energy to the word “cheap” that's different than value. If you want the best value and you appreciate that which is a good value in harmony with that which is in harmony with your image, what are you seeking to represent? Your image guides how it is that you're going to use your energies, your resources, your thought, your actions, your time and your dollars. So in regard to how you match your image with the way you represent the image in your daily life, certainly look for that which is of value in harmony with your image.

But many of us have been trained to just go for what's cheap. Cheap produces a contraction. The energy of cheap is contraction. What we're looking for here with the Law of Compensation is that the universe is lavish. The universe creates millions and millions and millions of seeds of the same kind, knowing that as it’s free flowing with its seeds, there is an abundance of expression of itself. You are one with the universe. Let there be an abundance of expression of yourself.

And the third is, if you hate to pay your bills, you didn't like to let go of this money, is that that, creates another form of contraction in the energy field of you. So as we release our money cheerfully, and this may take a practice, but when I sign checks, I always write “Thank you God” on that check. When I'm paying the light company and the phone company and the other people, it's like I really loved having that phone work all month long. And so I put myself in harmony with how much I appreciated the service that I received and that it comes to my house and I have free flowing water and all of the things. It's to have an appreciation, first of all that the dollars are there, or whatever dollars there are, increasing the appreciation actually increases the flow. So be very careful, treat it as one of your sacred practices. How you actually handle the money that you have, the free flow of sending forth, that you send it forth with gratitude.

And when you have a need and you're looking to buy something, or should I buy this or should I buy that, is it of greater value than the money in my purse or in my wallet? Do I want to hire this person? Do I want to grow my business in this way?

Can I see more value in that choice than hoarding or keeping or reserving the funds that are at hand? And when you're in a free flow of growth, which is what the universe is ever beckoning us into, then you'll begin to notice that there is a flow and you'll get your yes’s and your no’s, what to do and what not to do, not from scarcity and not from limitation, but from what you are in harmony with. And when you are in harmony with your image of what's possible, you will find that your answers are Notes ready and at hand."