What is it?

From the Book Conversation With Angels by D.B. Shaune (www.andsobeit.com) what a beautiful gift from above!!!

Notes 13th Jan 2008 Boston

The most important step in moving to a higher frequency is self-love. It is not what you call being egocentric. Self-love is void of ego. It is the profound understanding that you are one with the universe and you are made of the essence of love. It is the understanding that all life is connected by invisible strings, and when you hurt other life you are in actuality hurting your self. This harmfulness is, by definition, the disease you call cancer.

This disease is an attribute of self-hatred manifested in your body. When you are not honouring and loving your body, you create disharmony, which manifests imbalance. That imbalance creates cancer cells that work against the body. On a macro-level, it is what you do to your planet. Your planet is part of you. You and the planet are one. When you do not love the planet, it is because you have not mastered self-love.

 The imbalance of the planet manifests in viruses and bacteria. It also manifests in food that has no love essence in it, which actually causes your body to create allergies. It also manifests in destructive forces of nature that attempt to preserve the balance by purging and cleansing parts of itself. It is the same with your body.

Cancer is the attribute of a disconnection between you and you. When you understand that you are part of God and you are part of all creation, you have no choice but to love yourself. When you do, you love all life and all creation. When you love all creation, you do not kill and you do not hurt others, because you know that all you do is hurting yourself. It is profound.

 Self-love has a biological attribute. It is in the pineal gland. As you evolve, your pineal grows and you develop the capacity to see yourself as part of all creation. You breach the dimension you are in and are able to perceive other dimensions as well.

 As you walk on earth in your biology, you feel that you stand alone as a self-sustained form of life, but from where we stand, you are connected by invisible strands to all life. As you act, you change the fabric of all that is. This is your power. When the hordes of entities come from all over the universe to see you it is because what you do affects them as well.

We wish you to understand that all the answers to all your questions are inside of you and if you exercise love in all of your choices, your vibration will change rapidly and you will become that which you are: an angel in plain clothes, carrying the essence of love and changing the vibration of this planet.

This is your mission. It is why you came here. We wish you to honour yourself, honour what you eat, honour your fellow man and woman, honour your animals, honour the dirt that you walk on, honour the air that you breath, honour the water that you drink, because all of it is you. And so be it.