CERAROOT Dental Implants

Dr. Orlando Rojas, at the Home of Biological Dentistry, is to date the only South African dentist who places Ceraroot implants and has been doing so since 2014, he started placing Zirconium implants in 2005

Seven different implants

The CeraRoot Dental Implant System offers the user a clear number of implant lines for the successful treatment of most surgical indications in oral implantology. Depending on the tooth to be replaced seven implant lines of the CeraRoot system are available:

CeraRoot indications

  • Esthetic demanding cases
  • Holistic and metal-free dentistry
  • Allergies to metals

ICE Surface®

ICE Surface® (patent pending) , the next generation in zirconium oxide implant technology.

Today, with over 10 years clinical follow-up, is the first ever zirconium implant with acid etched surface, providing and optimal macro-, micro- and nano-roughness. This new ICE Surface® helps achieve optimal conditions for the integration between implant and bone. It is a rough surface specially designed for achieving faster and stronger osseointegration compared to machined zirconium oxide implants.

Long-Term Data According to the long-term data that CeraRoot has accumulated over the years, there seems to be NO bone remodeling around CeraRoot implants in patients with good oral hygiene from clinical cases performed back in 2003. CeraRoot implants also demonstrate to be designed properly, as there hasn’t been any report of a patient fracturing the implant. Providing this level of safety, enhances both the quality of life of the patient and the professional reputation of the clinician. For CeraRoot, such improvements represent a long-term commitment to both surgeons and patients.