Our vision of Systemic and Holistic Dentistry

Dentistry suggests inevitably that the therapist concentrates on details: Fillings and crowns should match optimally. Good dentistry must in addition apply to the mechanical claim of a chewing tool. Both aspects lure to concentrate themselves on the narrow minded area of teeth and to put the mechanical aspects of dentistry as the important issue.

At THE HOME OF BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY, we try to put the dental viewpoint further to a systemic approach of dentistry because the whole organism is connected to every tooth!

The brain and central nervous system (CNS) are strongly affected by the electrical current present in all people whose mouths contain metal. This phenomenon is readily recognized as "oral galvanism." Such electrical currents can be measured easily with a probe and a microammeter.Amalgams, metallic crowns, and braces generally all register from 1 to 100 microamperes of current in a positive or negative polarity. The natural currents found in the brain are in the range of 7 to 9 nanoamperes, making the mouth currents anywhere from 100 times to 10,000 times more powerful. Keep in mind that the base of the brain is roughly an inch away from the upper teeth.

The consequence is that MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patients and various other neurologically affected patients demonstrate improvement immediately with PROPER removal of this metallic electrical dental material (SEE OUR PROTOCOL).   Their muscle strength and coordination improve and various symptoms decrease, including severe migraine headaches, chronic cough, jaw pain, muscle cramping, chest pain, and low energy levels. Even psychiatric and emotional depression disappear.

Sequential Removal - With an Amalgameter [Rita Meter], we at THE HOME OF BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY read positive and negative electrical current in microamps. A ground is placed in your mouth and a probe is touched to each tooth which has a filling in it. The tooth will either have a positive or negative reading. Sequential removal means that amalgams are removed in order, according to the electrical charge. For example, the quadrant having the highest negative reading is done first, moving to the other quadrant in the same side. Then, the quadrant having the next highest positive reading is done moving to the quadrant with the lowest positive reading on the Almagameter. COMPLETE RECOVERY IS SELDOM ACHIEVED IF THIS PROCEDURE IS NOT FOLLOWED EXACTLY. A quadrant is a fourth of your mouth. You have the upper left teeth forming one quadrant, the lower left another. The upper right and lower right form the additional two quadrants. After each amalgam extraction, resetting of the current has to be done because the fields change.

Dr. Voll of Germany has said that there should be no more than six microamps of current in anyone's mouth. He has also said that the acupuncture meridians in the body are adversely effected by any current greater than six microamps and that this aids the process of disease. Picture these meridians as guitar strings running from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. There is concern about negative current at one microamp. It has been said that some of the dramatic improvements seen in some people after amalgam removal is due to the changes in their electrical field due to the removing of the negative fillings along with getting rid of the mercury.

To find out correlations and implications between teeth/ jaw sites/materials and organ disturbances extensive tests are available today.

Teeth with root fillings can be a chronic toxic load. Old extraction wounds and edentulous sites can work as asymptomatic chronic inflammations, cavitations and NICO lesions 

All of them strain your immune defense system. Such constant loads become "dental interference fields" or "dental disturbance fields".

To prevent irritations of the immune system by stressing dental materials I apply the greatest attention to the importance to the processing of at most biocompatible materials, e.g. Diamond link composite resins and ceramics, other dental ceramics, particularly the ultra-modern zirconium oxide for high performance ceramic crowns, bridges and metal free implants. 

We assume that all materials brought into the mouth perform possibly subtle long time effects on the body according to chronic toxic loads. For this reason We avoid amalgam as filling material despite its mechanical advantages and practice amalgam free dentistry since 1987! We avoid all metals in general.

Constant loads of a chronic toxic or chronic inflammatory type take the weakest organ of the organism to a deficit and can arouse illness symptoms there. The energetic connection between teeth and organs follows Dr. Voll`s correlation based on Chinese Acupuncture Meridians.


Dr. Johan Lechner is one of the most distinguished Bioenergetic Dentists today and has authored many books on the subject.

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