There are different Zirconium implants that we are placing at The Home of Biological Dentistry:

Zirconia implants, (Metal-free implants)

1.  Swiss Dental Solutions - Our preferred system

2.  Cera Root Implants - Versatile Spanish system

3.  Straumann Pure White Implants - Cylindrical system from Sweden

4.  Sky White Implants - Cylindrical system from Germany


Every day we remove more and more Titanium implants from patients are immuno-compromised.

In the past we always did a MELISA test  to determine any possible bio-incompatibility with Ti, today we prefer not to place titanium implants because in addition to the TI-ions that are being released into the system.  Now we have the very real issue of "Electro Magnitic Sensitivity", as the conductivity of titanium surves as an antenna to attract Wi-Fi, Cellphone, Radiation and in general all the microwaves that are obiquites (every where in modern life). 

Below find a story of one of our patients:

Sent: Friday, January 25, 2019 3:57 PM
Subject: Opinion titantium implants HPCSA

To recall in summary some of our conversation:
I commenced suffering from severe EHS (electric hyper sensitivity) shortly after having received implants that were placed in by a dentist  in 2014.

He did not mention any side effects apart from possible rejection at the time of implant.

When I repeatedly contacted reporting side effects such as tingling sensations in the areas surrounding the implants, as well as vertigo, he denied that it could be the implants. I there after send information such as the following link:

Even though I send the link the doctor denied that titanium implants can cause side effects.  He refused to take them out and I would’ve had to pay another third party approximately R10 000 to have them removed.

Finally I insisted that it is the implants.  At the time I had severe tiredness, vertigo (not dizzy - completely drunk) and ringing in the ears.  Various nasty symptoms gradually disabled me.  That dentist forced me to sign a document where he states it is against his advice to have the implants removed.  Then he finally agreed to remove them whilst constantly telling me what a terrible mistake I make.
I mentioned to the dentist that my problem might be Oral galvanism .  Doctor maintained we do not have to take the implants out.
Within the first month after the surgery my symptoms began to improve dramatically.  I had much less vertigo.  The tingling sensation stopped. 

However some symptoms took much longer to clear up such as the glands under my ear in my jaw line took years to swell back.  I still have some ringing in my ears and suffer tremendously from EHS (electric hyper sensitivity), that has a massive disabling effect on my life.  The nervous system thus got injured. 

Many doctors now agree that EHS are linked with heavy exposure to microwave radiation emitted from cell phones and wifi devices, coupled with heavy metal toxicity.  This is seen as trauma to the body. 

The WHO currently sees trauma as a possible causative agent for EHS.  Speaking to several EHS support groups most sufferers will advice they suffer from EHS due to microwave radiation exposure coupled with heavy metal toxicity.   

The doctor’s group EHCD ( based in the US also confirmed that EHS are often brought about metal toxicity of some sort.  I refer below to part of our conversation per email.


From: cXXXXX
Subject: Re: EHS solutions
Date: 5 September 2017 18:52:33 GMT+2

We do feel that either toxic chemicals or toxic metals present in the body are responsible for EMF sensitivity.  Have you ever had merc filings or a chemical exposure?
There is much written on the subject of titanium implant side effects on the internet.
I then requested that dr de Waal document my case and the side effects I experienced so that this can be part of a brochure patients receive in the future.  I did not want anyone else to have to suffer the way I did.  When we received chemo therapy they showed a half an hour video of the side effects of chemo therapy. 

When buying medicine one get a pamphlet to mention possible side effects.  This way one involve the patient in partaking in responsible decision making. 

Furthermore it can be life threatening where side effects are not reported for the patient might get help too late not realising where their side effects came from. 

This was to a certain extent my case.  I first had to go through two MRIs, much stress, developing a disabling condition like EHS prior receiving help due to the Dentist's constant denial that the implant can pose risks such as the ones I complained about.  Where the turning point came for me is when dr de Waal refused to document the case or the side effects. 

He mentioned there is enough information on the internet about this.  Where before he denied any of the info on the internet, suddenly the internet were sufficient resource for information concerning titanium implants.  He maintained many elderly people benefited from his services.  I simply cannot agree for there is elderly people that suffer a lot due to titanium implants, simply thinking it is due to there age.  Sometimes it takes them years and many visits to specialists to realise the causative agent were implant.  It ruins the golden years of their life.  
In life we have to care and be open, upfront and truthful about any findings we receive, whether it might mean a loss for us and a gain for others.  Therefore I decided to bring the matter under the attention of the HPCSA  so the matter can be resolved, and patients can be throughly informed in the future.  This way they do not have to go for several MRI tests and suffer a lot of pain, financial losses, and finally disability due to implants that were removed to late due to wilful ignorance from the doctors side.  For this side effects needs to be reported and documented.
I believe you share a similar viewpoint than myself, with a shade difference here and there.  But I think we both like the idea of making the world a better place for all to live in. 

Kind Regards