Swiss Bio Health Concept

We can offer you as patient a holistic treatment approach for bio-immunological dental solutions. should you choose to do so, for a significantly outcome of your treatment and to allow your health to recover sooner.

The symbiosis between biological medicine and biological dentistry, as well as biological treatment concepts and protocols, forms a new foundation for the future of biological medicine. Dr Karl Ulrich Volz is the clinic’s medical director. As founder of SDS, developer of the innovative SDS ceramic implants and of the Dr Volz Biological Dentistry® concept, he has been at the forefront of modern dental medicine for over 15 years.

This concept has allowed us to solve the issues associated with radical restoration surgery by using the completely neutral and metal-free dental treatment procedures.

Biological dentistry places the biological nature of human beings at the focus of dental treatment. No region of our body is as heavily saturated with heavy metals, alloys, toxic materials, inflammation and dead tissues as the mouth and jaw areas – particularly in those who have undergone root canal treatment. We now know that more than 60% of all chronic diseases originate in the masticatory system.

The biological dentistry approach lies in accepting these logical relationships, taking them into account in all decisions and actions, and deriving a treatment concept from them that is as simple as it is highly efficient: all non-biological or non-neutral materials are removed with application of maximum protective measures. All dead organ parts and inflammation are removed, activating the immune system but not damaging it in the process through the use of chemical drugs.

The masticatory system is preserved and reconstructed using metal-free and neutral materials, always taking care to maintain or restore the original anatomy, bones and soft tissue, thereby also preserving aesthetics.

Only when biological medicine and dentistry work hand-in-glove will patients have a real chance to experience profound and holistic healing.

Faced with the spiralling increase in chronic diseases, this form of medicine is the only escape from the current dead end. The immune system improves significantly, simply by removing metals and treating the sources of inflammation in the mouth and jaw areas. Patients have an improved chance of recovery by relieving and strengthening the immune system and by eliminating other harmful factors.

Swiss Biohealth Concept