Toxic Metal Exposure

The increasing sensitisation on foreign materials from the environment makes a change in dental concepts necessary. Metal substances induce problems in pre-sensitised patients, because these materials are not completely inert e.i. they set free metal ions.. It must be looked critically at the biological effects of dental metals in the perspective of changed environmental conditions. Many of the pollutants in the modern environment did not exist - or existed to a limited degree ten fifteen years ago such as:

  • increasing electro smog from cell phones and computerized work environment,
  • colloidal platinum and palladium from the exhaust gas catalysts of cars, etc.

 The frequency of allergies in the general population increases dramatically. If this trend continues, it will lead to allergies in the entire world population. The new disorders will be manifested in everybody`s health as negative systemic reactions which are difficult to understand and to detect and which make the dental treatment difficult and even hazardous for the patient.

The conventional toxicological approach seems to fail; many symptoms may be induced by chronic low-dose exposure of dental heavy metals accumulating in the jaw bone. 

Several metals widely used in dental care, such as nickel, cadmium, barium, beryllium, titanium, indium, lead, tin, platinum, chromium, cobalt, gold, palladium, and definitely mercury, sensitize genetically or otherwise predisposed persons. These metals tend to induce allergic reactions, including contact eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, automimmune diseases, autism, and more including rare cases of cancer. 

Very small doses of mercury, within minutes, strips nerve coverings, forming the "tangles" found in Alzheimer's disease. The mercury dosage creating these tangles is comparable to that in people with mercury amalgam fillings. The more fillings, the greater number of brain tissue tangles.

Autopsies reveal that establishment-type dentists and their assistants have higher brain mercury content than controls, and they possess more kidney damage, infertility, spontaneous abortions, poisoning of the pituitary; and brain tumors than any other health professionals. Mercury vapor is a regulated health hazard and is especially elevated during amalgam placement and removal.

Medical Considerations

Heavy metal toxicity occurs far more often than one would ever expect. We are exposed to toxic metals on a day-to-day basis in our environment. Whether heavy metal poisoning comes from pollution, cooking utensils, deodorants, pesticides, etc., all have a devastating effect on the human body. The worst effect is free radical damage. Many good alternative care minded physicians (Naturopathic and Bioenergetic Doctors, elect Medical Doctors, homeopaths and other professionals), agree that free radical damage is the primary cause for the degenerative disease process.

For information on Heavy metal toxicity symptoms:

EDTA chelation I.V. therapy: EDTA has been successfully used in the treatment of atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis for over 50 years. It has also been used successfully in many other complaints. EDTA is administered directly into the blood veins.

Oral EDTA: Orally administered EDTA is only absorbed 5% into the bloodstream, limiting it’s use as a treatment. Therefore oral EDTA is best if only used for prevention of re-absorption of heavy metals during a regular chelation session. Most heavy metals are imbedded within various cell walls where they do their damages to those cell, and are not freely moving around in the body. All heavy metals have varying stability constants with the chelation molecules. During the normal chelation process, the chelator picks up heavy metals, then when a metal with a higher stability constant comes in contact with the chelator molecule, the chelator will drop the metal with the weaker stability constant in favor for the metal with the higher stability constant. Thus, during a normal chelation session, some unbound heavy metals will be freely moving around in the body. Due to the normal perfusion of blood and body fluids through the intestines, some heavy metals will find their way into the intestines where they will eventually be re-absorbed back into the blood stream. The very fact that oral EDTA is only absorbed 5% makes taking oral EDTA good preventative practice under these conditions. If oral EDTA is taken shortly after a normal chelation session, any unbound heavy metal toxins found in the gut will be bound (chelated) by the oral EDTA, and then safely excreted. Oral EDTA can prevent normal absorption of needed minerals in your diet. Therefore, taking oral EDTA on a daily basis is contraindicated. Oral EDTA is best used under the direction of a doctor who has this understanding.

DMPS chelation: An IV push form of chelation therapy which must be administered under the supervision of a doctor. DMPS should be used only as a diagnostic tool to determine current levels of heavy metal toxicity. Also, if you have old silver amalgam dental fillings, it is strongly advised you do NOT receive DMPS as DMPS has been found in saliva and is believed may actually leach out mercury from the old fillings, thus causing a RISE in mercury toxicity in the body.

Selenium: Competes for the same binding sites as mercury.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Antioxidant that will also help protect the brain cells from mercury.

Antioxidants: Free radical damages can be linked as one of the causative roots of many diseases, including dementia. Antioxidants help correct and then protect from further free radical damages. What is a Free Radical? A Free Radical is an unstable oxygen molecule that possesses an unpaired electron. This molecule is constantly trying to become whole by robbing cells of vital components. These biochemical compounds called Free Radicals damage our body and its cells. Both external pollutants and biochemical process of the body cause excess Free Radical reactions; Environmental pollutants, numerous food additives, and stress are only a few of the many ways Free Radicals are formed. The way in which Free Radicals are normally kept in check is by the action of Free Radical Scavengers that occur naturally in the body. These scavengers neutralize the Free Radicals. It’s important to assist our body by additionally supplementing daily with Antioxidants. Supplementation with only a few antioxidants though, gives us much less protection, than utilizing a complete array of antioxidants. This is due to the fact that the antioxidant defense system works as a team. If members of the team are missing, the outcome is poor. Maximum protection requires the complete array of established antioxidants in nutritionally meaningful amounts. Stressful living produces a much higher amount of free radicals than found in otherwise normal individuals. Free radical damage has many extreme negative complications, including faster aging, and is believed to be the root cause of many of our degenerative diseases.

Co- Q-10: Coenzyme Q-10 is a naturally occurring substance found within our food and is synthesized by each and every cell of our body. It is a vitamin-like substance that resembles Vitamin E, but is an even more powerful Antioxidant. It is the only antioxidant found in human tissue. Coenzyme Q-10 declines with age and should be supplemented in the diet. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that Coenzyme Q-10 alone is effective in reducing mortality.

1. Antioxidant ability - By scavenging free radicals this compound stops damage to cell membranes that may occur from excess free radicals
2. Energy function - Coenzyme Q-10 is vitally important in the formation of ATP by the cells of the body. ATP is the molecule responsible for energy stores within the body. All cell functions are dependent on adequate cellular levels of ATP. Adequate levels of ATP must be maintained or the body suffers from severe energy loss and poor organ function.

The supplemental use of Coenzyme Q-10 has been well researched in cardiovascular disease. There are numerous double blind studies that show its benefits in congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy (poor pumping of the heart). Co-Enzyme Q-10 appears to increase the heart’s ability to tolerate lower levels of oxygen and has shown benefits in individuals with angina (chest pains from decreased blood flow to the heart). It also benefits allergies, asthma, and respiratory disease, and is used to assist the brain for abnormalities of mental function such as those with Alzheimer’s.

Vitamin E: It was discovered during autopsies that patients who died of heart disease had far less stores of vitamin E in their heart tissue than patients who died for other reasons. Vitamin E has been shown effective in suppressing free radicals. Studies have shown that mixed tocopherols have greater enhanced immune system benefits, improved antioxidant properties, and improved cardiovascular benefits above and beyond alpha tocopherol alone.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is the single most cost effective antioxidant (value for money amount for antioxidant properties), than all other available antioxidants. Vitamin C performs many vital functions within the body. It increases the strength and integrity of connective tissue, through collagen fibre formation, including the inside of your blood veins, producing significant positive effects upon the cardiovascular system. Vit C supports the immune system, fights viruses and some bacteria, functions as an important antioxidant and enhances adrenal gland function. Vitamin C was first discovered because of unresolved scurvy when sailors were out on the seas. Scurvy is the breakdown of small capillaries, or small blood vessels. Additional Vitamin C is needed during times of stress.


Each amalgam filling in your tooth releases up to 17 mcg of mercury every day. This increases up to 500 mcg with the smoking of cigarettes, the drinking of hot liquids, gum chewing, acidic saliva or the grinding of teeth at night. Mercury accumulates in the brain, heart, kidneys, and endocrine glands and can cause depression, autoimmune diseases, memory loss, tremors, anemia and heart attacks.

The half-life of mercury is 67 years in the human body. It accumulates in the neurons (nerve cell bodies). It is very difficult to get rid of. There is enough mercury in one amalgam filling that if it were extracted and put into a 10-acre lake, the EPA would shut down that lake due to contamination of the fish. Yet it has been OK for years to put into amalgam fillings.

Not too many years ago some dentists began to speak out against mercury, telling their patients that mercury was a poison. Then the ADA (American Dental Association) told the dentists they would get their licenses to practice dentistry revoked, if they did not shut up.

At COSMETIC, LASERAND CEREC DENTISTRY we are extremely careful when removing old amalgam fillings so the patient will not get contaminated. See our page "YOUR HEALTH"

A hair analysis will demonstrate the amounts of mercury, and other metal toxicities, which are acute to the patient. Acute meaning the patient is consuming the contaminated products on a regular basis. One example is canned Tuna Fish. Since mercury has gotten into our water sources, rivers, lakes, and oceans, certain fish are susceptible to this contamination, depending upon where in the ocean they usually are found.

Chelation of metals and mercury is possible and highly recommended. Taking extra selenium is helpful as selenium competes for the same binding sites, as does mercury in the human body. Alpha Lipoic Acid is also very beneficial as part of what it does is protect the brain cells from the mercury.

Read the packet inserts of your medicines, if it contains TYMEROSAL as a preservative, like most vaccines and eye drops, THAT IS MERCURY! If there are any children or pets in your life you owe it to them and to your self to read our page on vaccines!

Aluminium (Aluminum)

Aluminum can be found in drinking water, antiperspirants, baking powders, feminine hygiene products, cow and soymilk, baby formula, antacids, aluminum foil, and old cast aluminum pots and pans, and backpacking (camping) aluminum cookware.

It accumulates in the skin, bones, brain, and kidneys and can cause Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


Barium compounds are found in soaps, ceramics, paper, glass, plastics (dental removable prosthesis), textiles, dyes, fuel additives, rubber, paint and pesticides. In my old pre-med days while working as an X-ray technician, is used to get a good x-ray picture of the large intestine. At least 15% of gutta-percha (the root canal filling material) is Barium.

Barium toxicity can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. It is known to affect the heart and nervous system


Nickel is found in stainless steel cutlery, pots and pans, coins, dental fillings and dental crowns and batteries. It accumulates in the bones, kidneys, liver, lungs, immune system and the brain.

Nickel can cause genetic damage and cancer, particularly of the lungs.


Arsenic is found in cigarette smoke, laundry detergents, beer, seafood and drinking water. It can cause headaches, confusion and sleepiness.

Arsenic can damage the kidneys, liver, and lungs.


Lead is found in cosmetics, plastics, batteries, gasoline, insecticides, pottery glaze, soldered pipes conventional X-ray films and old paint. Lead accumulates in the brain, spleen, liver, kidneys, and bones. Fortunately not anymore on modern dental materials.

For each 30 mcg of lead in a child’s blood, his or her IQ drops 10 points.


Cadmium is found in soft drinks, cigarette smoke, water softeners, seafood, rubber, motor oil, pesticides, fungicides, some batteries and poly-vinyl plastics including dental plastic prosthesis.

Cadmium can cause chronic fatigue syndrome, hair loss, high blood pressure, edema, arthritis, kidney stones and impotence.


Uranium is a radioactive element that disintegrates eventually into lead. There have been over 2,000 nuclear detonations on our planet since Hiroshima casting uranium into our atmosphere, not counting events like Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

Radioactive materials can cause cancer and birth defects.


Cancer, orteoporosis and neurological changes? check our page on Fluoride toxicity.

Root Canal Cover-Up Exposed

Dr. Weston Price, a renowned dental research specialist, observed many patients with crippling degenerative diseases who did not respond to treatment. He suspected infected root canal teeth to be the culprit. He developed a testing method that revealed the presence of infection in a tooth. By implanting a root filled tooth from a patient under the skin of a laboratory animal, usually a rabbit, he found that in almost every case the animal would develop the same disease as the patient, lose weight, and often times would die. Later, Dr. Price found he could embed small pieces of the root instead of the entire tooth, or pulverize the teeth and inject the powder and cause the same results. Eventually, he found he could culture the bacteria found in a root filled tooth and inject the toxins from it into the laboratory animal and reproduce the disease from the toxins alone. It is important to note that when he implanted sterile objects or uninfected natural teeth, such as those removed for orthodontic purposes, no adverse health effects resulted.

Dr. Price found many types of degenerative diseases, including endocarditis, other heart diseases, kidney and bladder diseases, arthritis, rheumatism, mental diseases, lung problems and other degenerative diseases could be transferred to laboratory animals. He also found that a large percentage of patients recovered from their illnesses after the root filled teeth were extracted.

For more information visit our page on ROOT CANAL THERAPY / TOXICITY

Excerpts from OPTIONS the Alternative Cancer Therapy Book

A pioneer in alternative cancer treatment, Josef Issels, M.D. of Germany achieved remarkable remissions, even in advanced cancer patients through a combination of therapies. The methods he employed included removing sites of "focal infection," such as infected teeth and tonsils. He believed they release toxins into the system that lower resistance and trigger disease. His experience showed a direct connection between dental and tonsillar foci and many of the illnesses responsible for early debilitation and untimely invalidizing. A survey conducted at his clinic found that on admission 90% of the adult cancer patients had between two and ten dead teeth. Very often he was confronted with x-ray negative dead teeth, root remnants and residual ostitis which had not been diagnosed and therefore, had not been removed.

In a 1987 speech delivered in New York City, he also stressed the value of removing amalgam fillings and teeth whose dead pulp had been removed by root canal treatment. He said, "I do not recommend that healthy tonsils and teeth be removed, but I believe that if they are diseased, they cause the body's natural resistance to be lowered, thus acting as an important contributory factor to tumor development. In these cases I insist on their removal." He also commented, "It is not out of the realm of possibility that dental metals are related to an increase of cancer in the U.S. today through their influence on dedifferentiation in rapidly growing cells and through suppression of the body's immune system. Continuous exposure to electric currents, as occurs with amalgams, is known to stress the endocrine glands, decrease the activity of the immune system and may enhance certain viruses and bacteria."

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