Dentist in Colombia

Doctor Orlando Rojas' sister in Bogota, Colombia, Doctor Elizabeth Rojas is also a graduate of the Colombian College of Dentistry. She is one of the few dentists in Colombia that resisted having to join HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations). HMOs lead to loss if dignity to the health professions in Colombia to the detriment of the quality of services rendered to patients.

With over 25 years experience, her sound knowledge, clinical expertise, friendly and caring personality have been the basis for her long term success.

"La Doctora Elizabeth" became particularly interested in health issues during 1999, when she was diagnosed with sacro-lumbar ankylosing spondilitis (bamboo back). That event and its solution thereof put her straight into the path of Biological dentistry.

After a year sabbatical in Washington D.C. (2007 - 2008) she returned to Bogota and reinvented herself once more, moved to a more modern dental office in an exclusive area of the city, where she continues serving her patients from Colombia and abroad.

Americans have for years preferred to travel to Colombia for high quality state-of-the-art treatment at a significantly reduced fee. 

 Her particular interest in dentistry is Oral Rehabilitation and thousands of patients to date, bear witness to the long term quality of her work (and voice, as she also sings to her patients).

She is married to Juan Carlos and both are completely dedicated to their daugther Maria Camila.


Dr. Elizabeth Rojas



Cra 16 No. 106  - 21 consultorio 301

Teléfono consultorio + 571 6 19 29 02

Celular      + 571 312 350 3198

Bogotá D.C, Colombia

 Thousands of patients' have benefited from Dr. Elizabeth Rojas' expertise

                                                         expect always the latin friendliness





Odontóloga del Colegio odontológico Colombiano,   Bogotá 1984.





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Sociedad odontológica Colombiana de implantes

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High Advance Level in English

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Consultorio Privado

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Sabatico en Washington D.C.

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Consultorio Privado

Cra 16 No. 106 – 21 consultorio 301

Noviembre 2.008